Family Tree Photography: Blog en-us (C) Family Tree Photography [email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:11:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:11:00 GMT Family Tree Photography: Blog 80 120 2016 in Review. I have had the amazing pleasure of being involved in so many people's lives this year. I've captured new babies, weddings, surprise engagements, family portraits, senior portraits, a quinceanera, and much more. 

Thank you so much for allowing me to this pleasure. 

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You can dress them up... It funny. Most little girls dream of growing up, getting married... okay, well, they dream of dressing up in the beautiful dresses and feeling like a princess.

And there is seriously nothing sweeter than your little girl dressed up in your wedding dress.  I happen to have three girls. One, not so little, and two who still are super into dressing up. Let me tell you, my girls LOVE dressing up.

I've also had the opportunity to photograph some other little girls along the way as well. 




[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Central Halifax PA bridal gown photography wedding Wed, 24 Feb 2016 01:00:00 GMT
Down on the Farm... A family session I've known Jenny for a long time. We met through a mutual friend years ago when I first started with photography. 

I was thrilled when she contacted me about photographing her wedding. And when I met with her and John, I knew this was going to be so much fun.

So, in lieu of the engagement session, we got some family shots done. I got  permission to use this great farm just recently, and I was soooo excited to shoot them there. Like... not shoot them, but photograph them. 

It's so great when the couple you photograph is comfortable with you. We laughed the entire time, and it didn't feel like work for a second. Maybe because they're just a gorgeous group that make my work look so good. 

Anyway, here is a sampling of their session. Cannot wait until I get to shoot their wedding in a couple months. 


[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Mon, 13 Jul 2015 16:44:00 GMT
Print Your Images Digital photography has so many perks. You delete the bad photos. You can share them so easily. More people are documenting their lives, and allowing memories to continue on. Social media allows you to reach out the family and friends across the country, or the world. 

Lord knows I do my fair share of snapping away just to post on social media. I have family scattered all throughout the country. So, while they would love to be a part of my every day life, being able to text them an image, or see it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter makes them feel like they are with you every day.

But who actually prints their photographs??? I do. I put together a yearly family album and print several copies for each of my kids, and my library. Well, I've been building them every year.  In fact, my girls have some year books for the first couple years of their lives. 

On average, I take about 50,000 images per year. 

Now, I don't normally offer CD's for the sessions I photograph. There are several reasons why I don't. 

First and foremost, I want to make sure that the images I take of your family are printed on good quality paper that I've checked the print quality and calibration on. 

Second, I want you to print your photograhs.

Third, I want you to share them in your home. I want you to hang them on your walls. 

Lastly, CD's break or get lost, and then what? 

I have about 10 photographs of myself before the age of 10, and very few of my parents, who are both deceased. To me, a photograph stops a moment in time and allows you to remember what you were doing. 

Most of the time when I post a photograph of your family, I can tell you what funny things were said and done in that moment. You're becoming a part of my memories. 

So, while I would love to just go the easy way and sell CD's, I want you to print your photographs and hang them in your home, put them on your desk at work, or carry them in your wallet. 



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Her style! her smile! Lindy's Senior Session I've know Lindy's mom for about 16 years. We worked together when I was right out of high school. So naturally when she called me to do her daughter's senior pictures I said "Wait WHAT?!?!?! She cannot be a senior already". Then I graciously accepted the challenge. 

We pulled up to the park, and they got out and told me that Lindy was dabbling in photography too, and she brought some props along to the session. WINNNNNNN!!!! She was so much fun, and her amazing personality obviously showed through in her photos. 


She brought a cat, an amp and microphone, and some pretty awesome outfits. And she was down to do any crazy thing I asked her to. (walk around town and just trust me) And that is huge for a photographer. Someone who is willing to just go with the vision. 

So, here are Lindy's senior photos. 

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Class of 2015 photography senior Fri, 27 Feb 2015 05:45:00 GMT
We are... absolutely adorable. His name is Chance. I know there's a story behind his name, but it's not my story to share. 

What I do get to share are these adorable photos of Chance.

When you photograph children, there are kids who are timid, who want nothing to do with a photo session, some who are quite comfortable in front of the camera, and some who are just silly the entire time they are there. Photographing children is not easy in my book. Not to say I don't enjoy it..BECAUSE I love kids. But toddlers give you a run for your money. 

Chance is definitely one of those kids that walks in and is immediately comfortable with his surroundings. I have no doubt he gets that from his mom. She's a school teacher. A 4th grade teacher, and the teacher that EVERY 3rd grader hopes they get. In fact, my oldest cried when she found out she didn't get her for 4th grade. Amy is fun and loud and animated. My kind of person!!! 

As with Amy, so is with Chance... never a dull moment. Check out this little Lady Killer. 


[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) (2yearsession) (FamilyTreePhotography) boys photography toddler Thu, 26 Feb 2015 05:30:00 GMT
Why I do this. There are so many people in this industry. Some way ahead of where I am. Some, not quite there yet. I know I have tons of room for improvement. But that's what makes me me. I will always be learning, changing ideas, defining my style, or just tweeking things a bit. 

For years, I was very timid in approaching other local photographers. I was unsure of myself, I lacked confidence, and I pretty much viewed everyone as competition. 

And in 2014, things changed drastically in how I  viewed other photographers. I was approached by one and was offered help with something I posted about being unsure of. From that point on, I began building friendships with other photographers. And I feel like 2014 was a year of growth for me personally and as a photographer.  I'm thankful for that change because it really boosted my confidence, and knowledge for photography. I began to not only photograph people, but as many of you see who follow me on facebook, I photograph sunsets, horses, buildings and structures, and so much more. I share my love and my life with all of you. Because that is why I chose photography. I want to remember these details. 

Not to say I haven't gotten caught in a situation where I questions another budding photographers ability. I have. And I regret that moment. 

I, myself, was disgusted by another larger photographer in the area bashing all the up and coming photographers. To me, we're all in it because we love the art of it. There are people who lack the knowledge, but I've decided that instead of criticizing what they are doing, I'm going to offer help. I'm not very good at approaching people to help them, because I am afraid of offending them. But this about the love of the art. 

I bring my clients into my life, and capture the moments in time for them. I become a part of their memories. 

If I'm chosen to continue to take photos for their family and events, then I consider myself pretty lucky. 

That being said.. Thank you. Seriously. For just being there to support me. 


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Miss K turns One.
Today was Miss K's first birthday celebration, and you could tell how absolutely adored she is... not just by mom, dad and big brother, but by her extended family. Proud aunts and uncles, and especially proud grandparents.
I stopped by first in the morning to grab some shots of the Birthday Girl, pre-birthday chaos. And here is a little bit of our morning photo shoot. More of her birthday party to come later.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Sat, 17 Dec 2011 21:05:00 GMT
Amber is a Senior.
Amber and I have tons of fun together. Despite the 14 yr age difference. And I respect the person she has become. She's always there when I need someone to watch my girls, and I trust her.
So she spent the week here to help with the girls and in between all the chaos... we did some pictures.

On the last set of pictures today, I got a little emotional, because I cannot believe that she's going to be graduating high school next year.  I cannot believe she'll be off to college this time next year. :(
I cannot even imagine how my sister will deal after Amber is gone to college. But, for now, lets all dote on how gorgeous this kid is. Of course she is, she's related to me. :)

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Sat, 09 Jul 2011 20:01:00 GMT
Baby X
Here he is. This gorgeous little ball of love. He'll be breaking hearts some day!

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Thu, 07 Jul 2011 19:41:00 GMT
Baby Avery is on her way
She's having a little girl, and my baby and her's will be in school together.
It took us a while to get this done, because she broke her hand (she took the temporary cast off), and we didn't think we'd get the session in before Avery came along, but it worked out.
She was a great sport! And I have to admit, I love them. So much.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Thu, 23 Jun 2011 19:20:00 GMT
Personalized Diaper Cover Session.
A personalized diaper cover. A stretched canvas print or framed print, and 3 5x7's for $200. You may also have different outfits as part of the session.

I took my daughter out quickly the other night and got a couple shots of her in her diaper cover.


Photobucket Photobucket
[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Thu, 23 Jun 2011 08:46:00 GMT
Siblings... But, today was pretty great, if only for an hour!
I have never met her sibling before. To tell you the truth, all I could think before the session was "i hope they're not all as short as Arcelia, that could be hard for posing". ha!

And to tell you the truth, I've never photographed adult siblings. So this was all new to me. But I think they turned out well, and I had so much fun!! Thanks Kristen, Greg & Arcelia for the great morning!

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Sun, 22 May 2011 11:12:00 GMT
My Beautiful Friend and her adorable daughter... for a Mother's Day session My friend... is sort of amazing, to say the least. She would give anything for her daughter.
So, the other thing about Candice, she lets me shoot her the way I want to shoot her. And that makes me happy. Because I'm allowed to try things with her, that others get skeptical about. And personally, I love how these turned out.
Here is one of my BFF's and her absolutely adorable daughter. (oh yeah... make sure you look at the last photo.)

From Collages

From Collages

From Collages

From Collages

Candice is a goof and that's one of the reason's I love her so. She's kinda ditzy... and when she realizes she did something ditzy, she giggles this hilarious little giggle, and I love it. Here's what she did... and then silly me drove off.

From Candice & Amelia 5-11
[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Mon, 09 May 2011 19:48:00 GMT
It's all about the details.
I pulled up and saw a gigantic purple bounce house and thought... how awesome. And might I add, the kids did not want to leave this thing alone.

Of course I walk in, and there are little details every where. A banner with her name, high heel shaped cookies, purple glittery star sunglasses, a purple balloon archway, purple ribbons hanging from the chandeliers, purple star cookies in the dining room, and purple streamer and dinnerware. And the guests were asked to dress in purple. (I of course did not catch this detail, however, I'm behind the camera, so it doesn't matter much).

Every year, it's amazing. And every year it shows how much she is loved.

Here's a peek at the events.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Thu, 14 Apr 2011 18:46:00 GMT
My adorable new niece. Marley There are quite a few more.But here is just the beginning.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Thu, 07 Apr 2011 11:02:00 GMT
Boys will be boys...
I thought it might be difficult to get Matthew to warm up to me at first, so I brought out the bike. What little boy can withstand a bike? He instantly climbed on, and I started snapping.
I had SOOO much fun with Matthew (and his parents). My favorite part was when I said "you're such a cutie" and he said "Nooooo".

Here's a slideshow.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Mon, 04 Apr 2011 08:13:00 GMT
My Princess Gabriela...ela. ela. aye. aye aye (Ya know, like Under my Umbrella) ha.
And today she's three. I CANNOT BELIEVE SHE'S THREE.

Gabi was born 5lbs 14oz. And even now, she's a little petite. Her big eyes are what everyone first commented about... but now all everyone says is "She looks JUST like her mama". Or my favorite is when my mother in law calls her "Little Kendra".

 She loves her aunts and uncles... and her grammy & pappy too, and lets not forget her numerous cousins. They all spoil her and fight over her. She acts shy, but once she opens up, she is hilarious and doesn't hold back.

It seems like there was such a change from 2 to 3. She got taller, lost her baby fat cheeks. Talks better, has a character, says the most amazingly funny things. She loves her little sister, and she loves her big sister.

Every day, she'll say "I love you mama, you're the best mama in the world". And likewise for Daddy.
I love it. I love her. For such a long time after she was born Ken and I would go through these realizations where we'd be like "Wow, she's really ours. We made her."

Right now... she loves to dance and sing. She loves Victorious,Big Time Rush, and Sponge Bob. Oh, and Princesses of course.

For Christmas, she got a Princess bed and a Princess room. And a guy I work with, Mr. Burger, just bought us FRONT ROW tickets to see Disney on Ice Princess Wishes. She's going to go insane. And of course her dollhouse from her Aunt Deb (my mom's best friend). We got her a bike. LOL. It seems so lame next to her awesome dollhouse and Disney Ice tickets. But... She's loved. And that is all a kid needs really. People who love and care for her. And they are a plenty.

We started talking about preschool... and I nearly cried. I can't imagine how emotional the rest of her life will be. But if she's half as crazy as she is now.... Lord knows there won't be a dull moment. And I thank God EVERY day for her.

Ok... so here's one of her videos:

And then.... she poses

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Thu, 10 Feb 2011 05:29:00 GMT
15/365... It took a while, but it's done.
I'm very lucky to have a husband who is handy. And this is one of those projects that have taken a little while longer than I expected, but I'm thankful nonetheless.

I plan on using the studio for maternity, newborn, and off season portrait sessions. I would most definitely rather do outdoor sessions if I had the choice, however with living in Pennsylvania, that is not always an option.

I love this color on the walls. I love the white trim. I love the dark floors.

I'm looking for new chairs, always looking for props, and I have a wall applique that I want as well. However, money is going to be saved so I can get a new camera body, and hopefully two new lenses. They are expensive. I'm just trying to work my way up.

Anyway... he worked very hard, and ran into some floor problems, but he got it done.Not without help from my sister, Kim, and her husband, Jimmy. Of course... because they are always the ones that help us with home projects. :)

Here it is... not finished, but well on it's way.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Sat, 15 Jan 2011 17:37:00 GMT
14/365... [Kill] Screen... I loved these guys. I mean that I loved going and seeing them perform and play at so many different venues. For the most part, the people remained the same... Sexy Andy Brightbill (bass guitarist), Adam Snyder (lead vocals and funny man), and the impressive drummer, Brandon Snyder.  My husband and I (and my brother & sister in law) spent TONS of nights and insane amount of money going to see them, drink and just have a good time. They were a constant in our lives then.

But, they took a hiatus, and I nearly cried.

Last night was their first time back, but under a new name [Kill]Screen. I have to admit, being a fith fan to the core. (I dubbed myself the "official fith paparazzi" because I'm sure they got sick of me taking all those pics of them) I have like 6 'fith' shirts and a sweatshirt.

So to call them [Kill]Screen, seems absolutely wrong. As Lisa said "they are like teddy bears... kill screen doesn't fit them". lol.

I was worried that it wouldn't be as much fun. But as the music started, and Adam starting singing... I got super happy. These guys are very talented, and they really put on a great show. I've missed them.

Here's some photos from last night.
[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Sat, 15 Jan 2011 14:40:00 GMT
13/365.... Let It Snow
However, I dislike driving in it. The unpredictability, slippery roads, and being worried about everyone else on the road.

So the other night, like at 1am, Ken went to put wood in the furnace, and I grabbed my camera and tripod. It's gorgeous.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Thu, 13 Jan 2011 18:46:00 GMT
12/365 ... Baby it's cold outside.
When Ken was younger he decided that he would never have a wood stove because he hated bringing wood in from the cold.

When we started talking about houses, he refused a wood stove.

But when we started getting oil bills for 5,000 or more in our nice big new to us house... we decided we couldn't make it paying for oil. It was going to be the death of us.

We got a wood furnace. An outdoor wood furnace. So it's not about hauling in the wood... you stand out in the cold and load up the tractor or wheelbarrow or whatever... and that's how we get heat and how water.

So yeah, he ended up heating his house with good old fashioned split wood. HA. And here is a picture of our first truck load. WOAH. That's a lot of work. And in a couple months, we'll get another, because we'll have to start stacking and prepping for next year's winter.

Life is good... and this nice big house is nice and warm. I'm thankful for that.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Thu, 13 Jan 2011 18:28:00 GMT
11/365... 1/11/11... And the goofiness of a little girl. And then, you grow up, things happen and they don't quite turn out the way you expect.
But there are special little moments in your life, that make up for the disappointments in life... or maybe not disappointments, but life unexpected. So, point... there is a point so you know.
Gabi gives us those moments. The silly things she says, the outrageous things she does... her smile... the way she makes us kiss her booboo's before she stops crying. Or how she'll say "You're the best mommy in the world." or, "You're my bestest mama".
And then, recently, every time we take her picture, she makes a silly face. Or she begs us to take a picture, and then she'll pose.
I've found that life is NOT what I expected... but it's better some days. She makes my days better. And though she frustrates me... I will love her until the day that I die.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Tue, 11 Jan 2011 19:51:00 GMT
10/365... to fresh love.
I could definitely see that with this young couple. The freshness of their "love".
I've known Anthony since he was born. His dad and my brother were best friends for as long as I can remember. Once, they told me they were twins, but they were so bad they had to be split at birth. No lie. And I was like 6, so I believed it.

They made it super easy. They are both very photogenic.
Here ya go. To fresh love.
[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Mon, 10 Jan 2011 18:24:00 GMT
9/365 ... A change will do you good. I've noticed this A LOT in the people I've worked with. They've been doing things for so long a certain way and then a new boss comes in and implements new processes, and you get nothing but push against it. Mostly because they can't see the point for the change, whereas I see change as inevitable, so I don't fight it so much.

People change. Also obviously inevitable. Time and circumstances cause change in people.
Places change
Styles change.
Jobs change
Coworkers change.
Likes change
Dreams change
Life changes.
Finding a picture to fit this was not so easy. So this is my best. Change of me over several years. Hair color change, weight change, life change (babies), and underneath all of this, I've changed.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Sat, 08 Jan 2011 20:37:00 GMT
8/365.... It all takes work. I know we bicker (just ask my family). But we're not often loud and mean. Ok, we can be mean. But the good thing is, we normally end up laughing our way through it.
We are not perfect but we are not doomed.
But then, there are these people, who CONSTANTLY make the biggest deal out of small things.
Ken and I have worked VERY hard for the things we have. We've made good decisions, some bad, some crappy, some made us lose money. But in all, we pay our bills and don't complain, we work jobs we hate because we have a life to maintain, we have a family that we need to provide for.
While sometimes I get irritated at him, and the situations, I believe that they are our irritations, our arguments, and by making them known to the world, creates bigger issues. Makes it harder for people to respect you as a person.
13 years, and 20 days. (yeah I counted, only because it's only 20 days... lol)
There's the beginning... and now.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Sat, 08 Jan 2011 18:49:00 GMT
7/365 ... She was eccentric She read 'self help' books. She went through life with an odd, but strong sense of religion.
She journaled.
She dreamed.
She drew.
She painted.
She made things.
She was crafty.
She was embarassing.
She was loving.
She was sick.
She was intense.
She was.... AMAZING.

We were in NO WAY well off. in fact, we were dirt poor. People say that, and I don't think they meant it. We sometimes did not have electric. We grew up with 10 people in two trailers that were connected. It was cold. It was not clean all the time (though much cleaner when my mom lived there).
She made V-day cards for us to hand out, because we couldn't afford to buy them. And when I said she made them, she hand drew about 150 cards. Did the wording, everything.

She made our Christmas presents. I still have a doll she made out of a mop and some fluorescent green & orange ribbons. I have a wooden heart that she handpainted with my name on it. One year we got McDonalds toys for Christmas.
Though she never sewed... cuz that would've topped it off.
When she moved to New Mexico, she had a furniture store where she painted the furniture that her partner made. She had been an entrepreneur, because she had that store, a clothing store, a snow cone business, a restaurant, and I'm sure I'm missing other things.
As an adult:
I'm eccentric.
I journal.
I dream
I want for my children, like she wanted for hers.
I will give all, like she did for her kids.
I love inspirational books.
And though I'm not outward about religion, and I sometimes have a hard time expressing or understanding it, I believe in God. I believe that the Bible speaks truth.

I couldn't find the picture...  I don't have ONE picture of my mother and I together. And that makes me cry. But, I'll add it later
[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Sat, 08 Jan 2011 16:06:00 GMT
6/365... the image of a life Or, to make memories with with the people you love, so if God forbid you lose those people, you will have those moments, those pictures with them.

I guess I'm sensitive to this because my parents were gone before I turned 22. My mother passed away when I was 17, and my dad when I was 21.
I hate  that they can't know my children. I hate that they can't see me become a responsible adult. I hate that I couldn't ask my mother questions while I was pregnant. Or that my children can't be spoiled by them.
So, I put together albums for them, for every year, so that they can see what they did in their lives. So they can see how much we loved them. And I write in journals for them. Throughout my pregnancy and at least once a month. They will know their milestones and any other craziness that has gone through my head.
So here's to my mother and father. Half the reason I decided on photography. And because I love to watch people be happy.
And here's to my family.... Not perfect, but mine.
[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Thu, 06 Jan 2011 17:45:00 GMT
5/365... a day late.
Give thanks. To anyone who goes out of their way to help you.
That's really all I ask of people... So, I give thanks to people who come here, and appreciate what I do. I am thankful for those who believe in me, who give me encouragement. Who allow me to be happy with my moments and my life.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Thu, 06 Jan 2011 17:29:00 GMT
4/365 - My sweet little girl I can remember vividly how I loved every bit of being pregnant with my first daughter. Even though I was throwing up, or tired ALL.THE.TIME. I was thrilled. Happy.  With Ava, it was different. Different time of year. I was pregnant through the summer with Ava. and I was MISERABLE. I guess the novelty had worn off by this point. I know I kept saying, alright, I’m over the “being pregnant part”, I’m just ready for the end product. 

We don’t find out what we’re having when I’m pregnant. (BTW, that bothers me too… WE were not pregnant… I WAS PREGNANT) Why do people say ‘WE’… The women carry them. Haha. 

Anyway. We didn’t know what Ava was going to be. But seeing as though I barely gained weight (yeah, hate me now), I got a couple extra ultrasounds. Ava was healthy, and apparently, she wanted us to know what she was, because she revealed herself to me, not once, but TWICE. She wanted us to know she was a girl. So we did. 

They say that your demeanor when you’re pregnant will determine the child’s demeanor. Not so, Ava is proof. I was miserable, uncomfortable, cranky. She is the happiest little baby. She rarely cries, unless she’s hungry or wants a diaper change. She smiles at everyone.  She’s my girl… and I love her dearly.
She cries louder than Gabriela did. But, she’s soooo darn cute, I can’t hold it against her. Not to mention she doesn’t cry often, and ya know, can’t TELL me what is bothering her.   

So, enjoy my baby girl. Her chubby cheeks, kissable lips, adorable little hands and WILD hair. I know I do.
[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Tue, 04 Jan 2011 12:01:00 GMT
3/365 - My Goals for 2011 And then, the list grew. It's day 3, and I went from 1 to 18 goals. That puts things into perspective.

But the goals aren't unreachable. And that makes me happy. To know that I can reach these goals... and do things well.

So here's a sneak peek at my list. I'm sure as times go on, I'll be sure to add more. So thankful for this life. so thankful for a chance to even work towards these goals.

I think about people who give up. Who never set goals. Who never desire to be more than what they think the world expects of them. Or what is easy to do. I'm so not that person.

Great things are to come in 2011.

[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Mon, 03 Jan 2011 20:42:00 GMT
2/365 - Where I work... what I do.
I'm posting a blog a day, a photo a day. So I started on day two. Don't hate, just check it.

I want to learn how to use my camera better. I want to define my style more. I want to get up to at least 4 sessions a month. I want to take photos of my girls once a day, for a year. AGH. I already put together "year" books for them so that they have photos from that year. Can I tell you that it's really hard to narrow down the pictures? Anyway.
Here is a shot of my sometimes work area. I have a desktop and a laptop. I don't use my desktop often. So this is my baby... but nothing compared to what I want. I'm working towards a mac book plus. And soon, an iPhone, because really, I hate my current phone. It was an insurance replacement because brilliant me, dropped my phone into a toilet.  :( BOOO. For now, this works.
[email protected] (Family Tree Photography) Sun, 02 Jan 2011 20:11:00 GMT